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Travel events are must-go events for all parties in the travel sector, especially tour operators and travel agencies. The events, such as WTM,  provide amazing opportunities to meet potential new business partners, facilitate business growth, and identify cutting-edge technologies with transformative power.

During the pandemic, the entire industry, like many others, adapted to virtual events. However, the travel industry is willing to go back to the meet in-person model. Understandably, you have your doubts about going back to face-to-face events.

After COVID-19,  events are a go-to source for everything related to security and setting up covid protocols and tests pre-arrival.In 2021, the most popular events in the travel industry decided to either go back to physical or do it with some kind of hybrid version. In case you are still hesitating, here are four reasons why you should consider attending.

WTM London 2021 is the first big event after a global pandemic

It’s hard to keep up with everything that’s changed with travel. This is precisely why events such as WTM London are there. As one of the oldest events in the industry, WTM London focuses on bringing innovation and opportunity to travel providers worldwide.

This year, WTM London has decided to “bring the world of travel back together” under the “Reconnect. Rebuild. Innovate.” slogan. The event will be held at ExCeL by the River Thames. It is the first big event after a global pandemic. As you know, most of the events in the travel sector were indefinitely postponed or held online.

If you were waiting for the first face-to-face event, WTM London 2021 is the first upcoming event of this type. It is scheduled from 1st to 3rd of November. If you are still unable to visit it in person for whatever reason, you can attend the virtual event scheduled for 8th and 9th November.

First Front Runners competition

The First Front Runners competition will also take place at WTM London 2021. Why is this relevant for you? Front Runner is designed to grow into the world’s top travel tech competition and summit. This year it goes under the slogan “The Race to Sustainable Transformation.”

WTM London, WTF Lucerne, and Travel Forward joined to facilitate the sustainable transformation of the travel industry through innovation and the use of cutting-edge tech. Hotelmize managed to make it to the Front Runners finals in the “Hospitality of the Future” category. Hotemize’s CEO, Dor Kubiner, will be at the event. You can see his presentation on the 2nd of November at 15.10.

Front Runners competition unlocks new innovations and solutions to the Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality industry.

Stay in tune with the innovative solutions tailored for the hospitality industry!

WTM London 2021 is the best place to be next week if you are interested in new tech. Over 20 startups and companies from the travel tech sector will be showcasing their solutions and looking for partnership opportunities.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel industry went through some terrible times. However, travel tech companies deployed the latest solutions to help the travel sector cushion the blow of the pandemic and facilitate recovery. One of these companies is Hotelmize. Hotelmize was also working hard to help travel companies cope with the recovery in a much better way, increasing their profits even when the market was not completely back. This unlocks the power of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for travel agencies and tour operators.

Hotelmize will be present in WTM, presenting their latest development and solution – booking price volatility enabling operators and agencies to book accommodations when they are most affordable to increase competitiveness while maximizing profits.

WTM London is one of the best travel industry events to be at

Before you decide which event to visit and whether to visit it in person or attend a virtual event, you need to know a few things about it. When it comes to WTM London, there are many things to know, but we will try to keep it short.

In the WTM London portfolio, you will find 40 years of experience. The event was the industry star starting with its launch back in 1980 at London Olympia. It attracted 221 exhibitors from 40 countries and over 9,000 trade visitors.

Now, WTM London is important for travel agencies and tour operators because it connects them and helps them discover new business opportunities. If we had to talk about the numbers, we would have to say almost £3 billion in industry deals, more than 51,000 participants, and over 5,000 exhibitors from 182 countries worldwide.

We know that it will take time to be fully back to normal, but thanks to the new protocols and vaccinations, we are sure, little by little, that the travel community could meet around the world, connecting and becoming better for the future of the market and future generations. Hopefully, you will find the reasons mentioned above compelling and that we will see you at WTM London 2021.

  • Mize is an AI-driven Travel-tech startup company that allows travel companies to increase their hotel bookings’ profits by more than 35%, optimizing their purchasing rates post-booking in a fully automated procedure. Mize monitors and processes millions of bookings and billions of US$ value each year.

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