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We are happy to announce that our co-founder and CEO, Dor Krubiner, has been selected to attend the Young Leaders Summit. The summit is a private program by Phocuswright taking place during The Phocuswright Conference Online 2020, the most important event in the travel industry.

This exciting news comes shortly after Hotelmize was named the EMEA People’s Choice Award Winner at the Phocuswright Europe Innovation Summit for being one of the most promising and innovative startups of 2020.

Recognizing the Travel Industry’s Rising Stars

The Young Leaders Summit is an annual event that assembles the most innovative leaders in the travel industry to provide them with a launching pad to success and help them grow.

Phocuswright picks young minds based on their leadership skills, personal development, and travel expertise.

The summit’s key goal is to showcase the importance of young leaders in the travel industry, as they are shaping its future and supercharging its growth.

The attendees have an opportunity to connect with the best and brightest industry leaders and learn how to become innovative travel luminaries who will drive long-term growth.

Hotelmize’s Role in Helping Travel Companies Improve Performance and Why Phocuswright Chose Him

There are many reasons why Phocuswright chose Dor as one of their leaders.

According to a UN policy brief on tourism in times of COVID-19, the industry is facing a loss of $910 billion to $1.2 trillion. The report also shows that 100-120 million tourism jobs worldwide are at stake because of the pandemic.

Thanks to Hotelmize’s next-generation travel technology that has been in the works for the last 4 years, companies can unlock hidden revenue and boost marginal profit.

That’s why Dor founded the company. He brought an innovative approach to the industry by offering a post-booking profit optimization solution for improving the margins.

Using Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI, Hotelmize predicts hotel rates fluctuation to uncover new revenue opportunities. Hotelmize’s CEO has been working side by side with worldwide tour operators and travel agencies to better understand their challenges in terms of revenue management.

Apart from his work in Hotelmize, he is really concerned about connecting travel industry experts. This is why Dor runs a series of interviews with industry experts called Hotelmize Talks. He brings in professionals in the travel industry to discuss the latest trends and developments and share fresh perspectives.

We appreciate that a community of experts like Phocuswright could see the hard work done by Hotelmize. We are ecstatic that they rewarded us by choosing him as one of the leaders.

Have You Met Dor Krubiner, Co-Founder and CEO at Hotelmize?

Dor Krubiner is an experienced entrepreneur and advisor to startups on business development, product-market fit, and fundraising.

He is a licensed investment professional who managed $1 billion of institutional funds. He holds an MBA with a specialization in finance and capital markets.

Apart from the Young Leaders Summit 2020, Dor has participated in other international events, such as The Phocuswright Conference 2019 (you can check out the Hotelmize interview at the conference), the  BUZZ Expo China Summit 2020, and the OTC Live Global Travel Conference

As an acclaimed international speaker, he does not only explain what Hotelmize does but also brings relevant data from the hotel booking industry to help people understand how they can take advantage of technology in their companies.

Be sure to tune in or contact us if you’d like to be a part of the conversation.

And, if you’re interested in our innovative solution, feel free to contact us or request a demo.

  • Mize is an AI-driven Travel-tech startup company that allows travel companies to increase their hotel bookings’ profits by more than 35%, optimizing their purchasing rates post-booking in a fully automated procedure. Mize monitors and processes millions of bookings and billions of US$ value each year.

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