Most Important Travel Industry Publications To Follow as a Travel Professional

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As a travel industry professional, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the pack and beat your competition. In some moments, it’s even difficult to stay up to date with current trends and not to mention coming up with something innovative.

And yet, to thrive within the travel industry, you have to stay in tune with the whole industry, follow the news, and embrace innovative technologies. For example, just ten years ago, only a handful of people used the web to book and plan their trips.

But today, this is the norm, with over 80% of people booking their travel online. If you aren’t informed, chances are your travel business will fall behind. Especially after 2020, the travel industry has become even more digital. Trends and opinions are formed via multiple channels all over the world. 

Here, we will help you discover the most important ones to stay up to date.  

Travel industry-specific publications you should know

There are a lot of sites on the web that talk about the travel industry. However, many of them are only recycling the same information and don’t offer industry-specific information with concrete numbers and trends that can help you expand your knowledge.

We’ve picked out the sites that we think offer the freshest and most relevant information:


Monthly visitors: 480,000

Each week Skift works with different experts in the industry to deliver the latest insights through different types of content. Skift is probably the number one destination for people looking to create something innovative within the sector and listen to some seasoned experts in the field.

Travel publications play an important role in the tourism industry, but do you know that big data is revolutionizing it?

Hotelmize uses big data and artificial intelligence to boost travel companies’ profits by up to 40% automatically.


Monthly visitors: 1,30 million

TravelPulse covers all the most recent events and trends in the travel industry. What makes this resource stand out is the fact that they give their visitors free subscriptions to the “AGENTatHOME Magazine.” It’s a rich resource that can benefit independent travel agents.


Monthly visitors: 180,000

This must-visit publication offers a wide range of insights that can inform, educate, and give inspiration to all kinds of travel professionals. In addition, PhocusWire offers a wide range of hot travel topics, upcoming events, informative travel podcasts, and much more.

       Travel Weekly

Monthly visitors: 800,000

This is one of the most trusted travel industry news sources for the B2B sector. Travel Weekly has been around for more than 60 years, even when the internet didn’t exist. The publication covers the latest information ranging from government affairs, travel tech, tours, and industry insights.

       Hospitality Net

Monthly visitors: 450,000

Hospitality Net is all about business. Subscribing to their newsletter will grant you access to upcoming conference reports, industry events, hotel opening news, breaking news, opinion articles, and much more. It also has a dedicated category for market performance and valuable charts.

Monthly visitors: 370,000

The World Tourism Organization or UNWTO is a known name in the world of tourism. It works on promoting tourism competition, sustainable solutions, sharing valuable market knowledge, educating tourism experts, and providing technical assistance to governments that want to build their tourism. 

If you are looking for a realistic first-hand resource where you can read about relevant industry practices, this is the place. Furthermore, you can find potential training opportunities you might need. 

If you work on the technological side of the travel industry, you can’t miss these examples.

Travel tech publications to follow


Monthly visitors: 16 million

WIRED is one of the most known American magazines focused on technology and how it affects different spheres. Apart from many other categories, it also offers resources concerning the travel industry, latest technology developments, news, case studies, research, etc.


Monthly visitors: 14 million

If you’re looking to found a startup and get the essential technology news you need, TechCrunch is the best online publication for you. Here you can learn about the latest industry news, how to fund a travel business, innovation, and what experts have to say on different topics.

       Breaking Travel News

Monthly visitors: 250,000

Even though Breaking Travel News has many different travel categories to read about, its travel tech news category is rich with relevant information. It covers global tech events related to the travel sector, new implementations, how companies are innovating, and where potential investments can be made.

       BTN – Business Travel News

Monthly visitors: 70,000

Since 1984 BTN has been a valuable news source for relevant travel news. However, it stands out with its rich database of technical articles and research resources that offer helpful information.


Monthly visitors: 125,000

This is a trusted news source that has expanded its expertise and offers columns written by experts on innovation in travel. You can also check out the latest travel products and interviews with some of the leaders in the sector.

Being informed is important, but you also need to know where your potential clients are getting informed. That’s why we also collected the most relevant sites for travelers around the world.

Where are your customers getting their travel intel?

Here are some of the most relevant sites for avid travelers.


Monthly visitors: 126 million

Tripadvisor is one of the most popular travel sites globally, and everyone has heard of it. It’s a place where travelers often go to give their reviews and ratings for travel services. But with a bit of digging, people can also find valuable forums, attraction information, property rankings, and other travel resources.


Monthly visitors: 20 million

Apart from being a revolutionary travel tech company that has become really popular quickly, their blog can also be a good travel resource for travelers. After checking prices and booking accommodation, visitors often visit AirBnB’s blog to get information about travel accommodation, destinations, attractions, etc.

       Lonely Planet

Monthly visitors: 11,60 million

This is a travel guide and information hub where travelers can get valuable travel tips and inspiration. It even offers some important industry headlines that professionals can use as well. All of their content is neatly divided into five different travel categories.

       World Travel Guide

Monthly visitors: 526,000

This is one of the few resources available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and German. Travelers can find valuable resources from events, attractions, beach destinations, airports, and ski destinations. But it also has guides for more adventurous types, travel quizzes, stories, and the latest news.

       Travel + Leisure

Monthly visitors: 6 million

With this extensive resource, travelers can find relevant news, best destinations, planning guides, inspiration, advice from travel advisors, cruise destinations, dining options, and much more. It’s one of the most popular travel blogs because it has something for everyone.

If you want to stay up to date with travel industry podcasts, please be sure to check out this article where you will find a ton of interesting options.


This is our list of best travel publications and resources. Learn as much as you can from them and hone your skills to stay on top of your game. Do you have any other resources you like reading? Feel free to share.

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