We have introduced a successful business model for resellers to generate profit from hotel bookings.

Hotelmize is a startup that optimizes the profit for hotel resellers raising their profit margins using price prediction technology that utilizes artificial intelligence.

The success of our model is our unique big data optimization solution approach that increases the profits of hotel resellers. Hotelmize does not charge you a cent beforehand. Instead, we give hotel resellers and other hotel booking businesses the ability to maximize their profit potential within an increasingly competitive market. It is only when you begin profiting, that we charge you for.

Focused on delivering higher profits by leveraging big data, Hotelmize is innovating the space, bringing financial technologies to the travel industry.
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Hotelmize's automated system can adapt to enormous measures of information using AI's algorithm that can predict the ideal time to rebook the reservation
Hotelmize has room mapping to ensure re-booked rooms are equivalent to the original booking and clients can turn off the system for specific suppliers or hotel chains if they wish.
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