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The booking industry is facing new challenges in the post-pandemic era. Travel companies are on the lookout for solutions to help them get back to pre-pandemic financial performance levels. The market opportunities are there – all they need are solutions to enable them to generate revenue at an unprecedented pace. 

Hotelmize has taken this need for strategies to boost the company’s profits and garnered a solution with the capital to back it up.

Hotelmize, the innovative re-pricing and travel optimization solution for the booking vertical have secured $12 million in Series B funding.

Our founders Dor Krubiner, CEO, Omry Litvak, COO, and Guy Levitan, CTO, created Hotelmize with the goal of innovating the booking repricing market, and over the past six years have been developing several products to do just that.

Our team has been working hard on creating Hotelmize solutions by leveraging their extensive knowledge in capital market trading. We have secured a position as the only platform that allows travel companies to stay above the fold by enabling them to better purchase and sell travel products.

Our CEO Dor Krubiner has led the process of acquiring funding from this series B round in order to launch the company into a period of rapid and continuous growth, developing its optimization suite, and, most importantly, enhancing Hotelmize’s partner’s business performance across the globe. The Hotelmize C-Suite is very grateful for the support of their investors, who share the company’s vision for the future of the hotel booking industry and look forward to continuing to serve their partners and driving innovation in the hotel booking space.

The company’s Managing Partner, Alexander Konoplasty, from Flashpoint Venture Capital, our funding company, used the opportunity to express how he sees investing in Hotelmize, “We are pleased to see Hotelmize revenues and profitability growing rapidly on the back of the development of their products disrupting the travel market. During our due diligence, we were amazed by how the clients of Hotelmize are happy with the level of service they get from the company. We welcome Hotelmize to the Flashpoint Family – this is already our 12th investment in Israel over the last 6 years.”

We have grown by building cutting-edge technologies based on Big Data and AI to help travel businesses unlock hidden hotel booking profits. OTA’s, travel agencies, bed banks, and tour operators have been using our services to create new travel products based on financial modeling. Our travel optimization platform uses proprietary AI predictive algorithm and room mapping technology to analyze reservations and deliver optimized purchase rates.

As the travel industry is constantly evolving and changing, so are we. We are continuously developing innovative solutions for the travel sector and we have a scheduled launch of an innovative product portfolio in Q2 2023.

Up to now, we have built a network consisting of over 100 partners from 33 countries. This network has been using the platform to generate higher profits, get ahead of the competition, and deliver next-level customer experience.

The Hotelmize optimization suite is still not openly published to the market. And yet, it has attracted some of the biggest B2C and B2B brands in the travel niche, experiencing a YoY growth of an enviable 800%. 

We are remaining true to our goal of establishing Hotelmize as a leading travel optimization platform and enabling our clients and partners to generate more revenue. Without a doubt, the travel sector will be seeing Hotelmize a lot more in the future.

  • Mize is an AI-driven Travel-tech startup company that allows travel companies to increase their hotel bookings’ profits by more than 35%, optimizing their purchasing rates post-booking in a fully automated procedure. Mize monitors and processes millions of bookings and billions of US$ value each year.

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